Supercross Pro Qt Front Hub Black 20Mm/36H Spn-362-Blk

Pro QT 20mm Front Hub

The 20mm Front Quick Twitch rolls on oversize Frictionless bearings so the front end of your bike is held solid and spins ultra smooth.Additional colors availble by special order.

Quick Twitch 15mm Rear Hub

The Rear 15mm Quick Twitch is based upon the regular Quick Twitch hub with the 120 engagement point ratchet ring and 36 teeth pawls. Frictionless bearings have less friction and rolling resistance than ceramic bearings, and last over 4 times as long. The Custom 15mm Cro-mo Axle allows the Cassette Driver to still use the larger frictionless bearings for ultra smooth rolling and still allow the cassette mechanisim to use a std. Shimano style spline on the cog. Compatible only with frames that have 15mm rear drop outs like the new 2013 Supercross Envy and Pro Anarchy frames. Additional colors availble by special order.

Quick Twitch 10-15mm Axle Kit

Quickly and easily change your current 10mm SX Quick Twitch Rear Hub to a 15mm with this kit. No need to by a new Quick Twich hub just upgrade your axle.

Price: 121.49